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  • Automatic subscribing to and unsubscribing from your mailing lists.
  • 20 days Trial Period
  • Powerful WYSIWYG HTML message editor that supports tables, images, hyperlinks, etc.
  • All message types (HTML, TEXT, HTML+TEXT) support.
  • All message encodings support.
  • Most powerful MailMerge support for creating highly personalized messages.
  • Real-time statistics on message readings and ns simultaneously.
  • Mailing scheduler will let you start mailing campaigns by schedule.
  • Support for all available mailing modes (TO/CC/BCC/Personal Copy).
  • Built-in SMTP server will let you send e-mail messages to the recipient's box bypassing the provider's SMTP server.
  • Importing address lists from the text and .CSV files, Outlook address book, and many other sources (Access, Excel, etc.) using ADO/ODBC.
  • Most powerful address list manager with multiple functions for processing the lists: comparing, merging, splitting lists, removing duplicates, record search by any field including carrying out user's any SQL queries.
  • Mail list validator





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  • Freeware Mail List Validator is absolutely free (freeware); it does not require registration and does not have any functionality restrictions!

  • Multi-Threaded Validation. The program can simultaneously validate several dozens or hundreds of e-mail addresses. This allows loading your Internet port to its limit and thus complete the validation at the greatest possible speed.

  • Uses Rules for Validating Addresses During the validation process, the program compares server's response with the predefined list of typical responses for unavailable addresses. An address is marked as Invalid ONLY IF the server's response matches at least one line of that list. In no other cases an address will be marked as Invalid. Thus, situations where a good address is marked as bad are completely eliminated, and the performance features very good accuracy.

  • Imports Address Lists from All Data Sources. The program allows importing address lists from plain-text and CSV files, Windows Address Book, and from other data sources via ADO/ODBC.

  • Powerful Address Search and Removal Functions. The program contains a powerful query builder that allows searching addresses with flexible criteria and saving results to file or discarding them.